The Police Service of Northern Ireland is as likely as its forerunner – the Royal Ulster Constabulary – to be sacrificed at some future date in a deal – partly secret, partly open – agreed with terrorists and their political representatives to bring about a cessation of political violence, formerly described as ‘terrorism’.

The British and Irish governments will negotiate with terrorists – openly and via ‘back channels’ and intermediaries – to achieve a purchased peace deal.

These negotiations will include Overall Commanders of the terrorist organisations [described as IRA Army Council members] who will have been granted an amnesty in advance as part of the deal to negotiate a cessation of violence.

So not alone will the imprisoned murderers of you and your colleagues – and of any of your family members who might suffer the same fate – be released from prison in a popular Good Thursday Deal, the murderers’ Commanders and Strategists and Veteran Republicans on the Army Council level – all former “Champions of Civil Rights” – will never face any judicial consequences for organising and running a campaign of murder against you and your families.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair loving the IRA

The British and Irish Governments will be photographed shaking hands with the terrorist leaders – who will have self-identified as merely political strategists bent on achieving peace – and these will enter government in Northern Ireland and also Policing Boards to oversee the newly redrawn and restrained Police Service of The North – the term ‘Northern Ireland’ having been banned as likely to give offence.

Terrorists who have been convicted of murdering you and your colleagues and who have been released early after serving a number of years in prison will employ highly paid solicitors and barristers who will search out and find grounds for appeal against their convictions resulting in some of the previously convicted murderers being awarded in the region of mi££ions in compensation for their convictions now seen as ‘unsafe’.

You cannot trust members of the Nationalist community who cooperate with the terrorists bent on murdering you – and these will include business people, professionals and even priests – even sports persons – who will supply information leading to your murder. In many sections of the community, those who cooperate in your murder will be celebrated.

The Christian clerics of various denominations who will have officiated at your funerals and sympathised with your families will be the same clerics who will befriend the terrorists and their Army Council Commanders who have murdered you – they will associate with the terrorists, be photographed with them and support their new conversion to Government and to unlimited Peace Dividends.

These Catholic and Protestant clerics will trumpet the terrorists’ devotion to Peace while accepting that these same terrorists need not be required ever to condemn their previous murders and under-car bombs or to cease celebrating and glorifying those dead terrorists who murdered you [whose shootings are likely to be investigated and re-investigated and subjected to British government-financed inquiries and reports for decades into the future long after you and yours are forgotten].

Archbishop Eamon Martin poses with ArchIRA Martin McGuinness

For a starting salary of £20,000 plus per year – your sacrifice is not worth it – a terrorist earns more in robbed bank monies or monies raised in secret deals with FARC in Colombia.

The solicitor or barrister who will endeavour to prevent anyone ever being convicted of your murder will earn up to £1,000,000 or even £2,000,000 per year…

Before you risk throwing your life away for an entire community that will ultimately betray you in a Peace Deal celebrated from America to Dublin to Belfast to London, read this tale of a murdered Catholic police officer:

Remember – there will have been “No Alternative” to your murder!

It’s not worth it – politicians and citizens will betray you – join a police force elsewhere.