1) Where the Civil Rights’ movement and the Social Democratic and Labour Party successfully represented Northern Nationalists in the early 1970s, introduce an unwanted campaign of terrorism largely fought by teenagers and young persons.

IRA disrupts Civil Rights’ rally in Belfast

2) Target not only British soldiers who were initially welcomed by the Nationalist community, but also Protestant neighbours, not only members of the RUC and UDR, but also Protestant neighbours who were nothing more than civilians.

Protestant murdered by the IRA and dumped at the border

3) Engage in a tit-for-tat sectarian murder campaign targeting largely innocent Protestants, often hiding behind the names of non-existent groups.

IRA sectarian murders of Protestants

4) Introduce a campaign of bombing which repeatedly caused maximum civilian casualties in Northern Ireland and in Britain, with a policy of not claiming those bombings that cost the greatest number of casualties.

One of 21 victims of the IRA’s unclaimed Birmingham Pub Bombings

5) Abduct, torture, execute and dump along the border the corpses of men, women and teenagers as required, labeling them as informers.

Victim of IRA torture and execution, dumped at the border

6) Introduce a policy of disappearing corpses of men, women and teenagers murdered by the IRA whose murders might cause revulsion in the nationalist community if they were to become known.

Jean McConville, murdered and disappeared by the IRA

7) Send many thousands of young people to prison for decades for atrocious Human Rights’ atrocities.

Civilian victims of IRA bomb

8) Exploit the hunger strikes and deaths of prisoners for paramilitary and political advantage.


9) Long after the realization that the campaign of terror was disuniting Ireland, secretly negotiate immunity from prosecution for the IRA Army Council and release of prisoners in return for calling off the campaign of terror, disbanding its paramilitary gang and disposing of its arsenal.

The IRA surrenders

10) Call this ignominious end of its campaign of terror a “victory”.

Undefeated My Ass T-shirt

11) Slither into both partitionist parliaments in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in the biggest Republican U-turn since 1922.

Martin McGuinness greets his Sovereign Queen Elizabeth

12) Attempt to save face by constantly glorifying past fighters and murderers whose campaign of terror – and their own deaths – were in the end for nothing.

John Finucane “remembers with pride” the IRA’s would-be Gibraltar bombers

13) Bury the truth of the atrocious horror of its Human Rights’ atrocities behind a hypocritical campaign of legal cases in the very courts of British Justice whose judges and lawyers it previously murdered.


14) Hide behind the skirts of Sinn Féin and put on the makeup of peacemakers, aided by the three governments who awarded it immunity from prosecution for ending its campaign.

Tony Blair with the Surrenderers

15) Withhold the corpse of a Catholic British soldier, Captain Robert Nairac, denying his family the right to bury him, in unended bitterness of zeal against the SAS.

Catholic soldier, Captain Robert Nairac, whose corpse is still disappeared by the IRA

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