There aren’t that many Catholic priests whom leading IRA members have embraced down the years.

Fr. Gary Donegan happily hugged by unrepentant IRA bombers Brendan Bik McFarlane and Pat Sheehan sporting their PIRA-brand Easter lilies

If you recall the days when the Catholic church in Northern Ireland used to condemn the IRA – yes, it did condemn it, even if it no longer does so – the IRA saw the Catholic church as its sworn enemy in the battle for nationalist hearts and minds, not excluding souls.

Let’s take a brief look back at those long gone days:

The IRA – “an appalling mass of evil”

Worse condemnation of the IRA was to come:

The IRA – sinful, poisonous, evil and horrible – a choice between good and evil…

It was Bishop Edward Daly, though, who laid it on the line:

IRA members and supporters – “followers of Satan”

For the great majority of Christians of all denominations, Bishop Edward Daly – the priest made famous waving a white handkerchief on Bloody Sunday – was completely right in his assessment.

The then Fr. Edward Daly on Bloody Sunday

The IRA was a clear moral evil whose practice of widespread and often indiscriminate murders and bombings marked it as wholly Satanic.

With the later rise of the IRA movement in the polls, particularly after the Belfast Agreement, the newer Catholic bishops felt they had to build a less condemnatory relationship with the powerful paramilitary political force that would undoubtedly affect the work of the Catholic church in many spheres – Catholic education and schools, financial grants, legislation affecting Catholic interests and morals – and so a new rapprochement was in order.

The churchman who drove the change was Martin McGuinness’ fellow Derryman and pal Eamon Martin whose rise through the ranks of the Catholic church began in 2010 when he was appointed Vicar General of the Diocese of Derry.

Archbishop Eamon Martin with IRA Army Council Archbishop Martin McGuinness

By 2011, Eamon Martin was Diocesan Administrator and this is when the Catholic church’s change in direction first became apparent.

Derry priest Fr. Michael Canny felt able to publicly endorse Martin McGuinness’ tilt at becoming President of Ireland at a public meeting at Free Derry Corner – not only to endorse it, but able to wear his full priestly garments at the McGuinness rally.

Catholic church in Northern Ireland publicly endorsed Martin McGuinness’ Presidential candidacy

Canny would never have been allowed to do this while Bishop Edward Daly was in office – there were too many victims of the IRA – both Catholic and Protestant – who would have felt betrayed by this public show of support for an unrepentant IRA leader and mass murderer.

By 2013, Eamon Martin was Coadjutor Archbishop of Armagh.

In the same year, a Fr. Gary Donegan officiated at an IRA funeral in Holy Cross Church, giving a homily in praise of the dead IRA volunteer.

Fr. Gary Donegan’s praise for IRA volunteer Margaret McClenaghan reported in the IRA’s newspaper, An Phoblacht

By 2014, Eamon Martin was Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland.

Within a short time, bold Archbishop Eamon felt able to announce his support for a United Ireland while many IRA victims were still suffering and being denied the restitution of Truth by the IRA leaders, most prominent among them Martin McGuinness himself.

Archbishop Eamon Martin calls for a United Ireland

At the point where Eamon Martin and his underlings were endorsing the Republican cause in general, I was in receipt of calls from victims to help them get the Truth from Martin McGuinness, in particular families in Claudy – 10 miles from Derry – victims of Martin McGuinness’ Claudy Bombings.

Martin McGuinness – they said – was “blanking” their phone calls, emails and letters.

It was in 2016 that Fr. Gary Donegan offered an unprecedented Catholic mass of remembrance in honour of the IRA’s Active Service Units – otherwise known by the IRA as its “patriot dead” – those who went out and murdered and bombed for the IRA’s Army Council leadership.

Fr. Gary Donegan’s Mass for IRA Active Service Units as reported in the IRA’s newspaper, An Phoblacht

By January of 2017 and the death of Martin McGuinness, Archbishop Eamon Martin and the Bishop of Derry, Donal McKeown, had decided to confer on the IRA mass murderer an unprecedented honour – they decided of their own accord to give McGuinness the honour due to a Head of Stateexactly what the IRA Army Council had always believed of itself – that it was the true and only government of Ireland.

A practice unheard of in my lifetime in the diocese…

Fr. Gary Donegan couldn’t contain himself – he needed to clamber aboard the McGuinness bandwagon – or hearsewagon:

Fr. Gary Donegan hails IRA mass murderer Martin McGuinness as a “hero in life”…

Archbishop Eamon Martin let the press know that he had visited the home of Martin McGuinness.

Archbishop Eamon Martin visited the home of the late Martin McGuinness

Following this press release, I rang a number of prominent Derry victims of the IRA to inquire if Archbishop Eamon Martin or even Derry Bishop Donal McKeown had ever visited them since their respective ordinations/installations to express personal support for victims of the IRA.

Answer: No visits from either Bishop Donal or Archbishop Eamon.

Frankie Hegarty’s corpse dumped at the border by Martin McGuinness

Derry priest Canny felt more emboldened after this in 2018 – claiming that Martin McGuinness had a clear conscience and would do it all again if he had his life to live over…

Fr. Canny unbridled by his superiors and unhinged…

By this time, the Catholic church in Northern Ireland had entirely dumped IRA victims – those whom its former Bishop leaders had supported – and had come out of the closet as retrospectively branding the IRA’s Armed Struggle as legitimate in the circumstances.

Its current position is that there was no effective difference between IRA violence and legitimate force used by police and army to defeat a terror campaign regularly condemned by the Catholic church back in the day!

Fr. Gary Donegan’s Mass for IRA Active Service Units

It’s worth examining briefly Fr. Gary Donegan’s Mass for IRA Active Service Units.

Fr. Gary Donegan’s IRA Volunteers’ Mass in Holy Cross church

The Mass was requested by a pro-IRA organisation The National Graves – whose membership currently includes IRA leader and Bayardo Bar Bomber Brendan Bik McFarlane whose gun and bomb attack murdered 4 Protestant civilians and 1 young UVF volunteer.

Contrary to the protocols in Catholic dioceses across Northern Ireland, Fr. Gary Donegan did not ask the IRA members and supporters to refrain from wearing IRA emblems in the church – virtually the entire congregation deliberately wore the emblem of the Provisional IRA since 1970 – the “pinhead” Easter lily symbol – inside the church and even on the altar.

Joe Austin pictured with his Easter lily IRA emblem

Even one of the musicians on the altar wore the IRA symbol with no interference by Fr. Gary Donegan.


The IRA Eucharist was designed to include young persons bringing to the altar symbols of the IRA dead – in this case, Gaelic Athletic Association symbols – a hurling stick, a football, a GAA jersey – carried to the altar by young female Irish dancers – and to the accompaniment of Irish traditional music.

The bloody murderous activities of the IRA now fastened to Irish dancing, to the GAA and to Irish traditional music

This shotgun marriage of the IRA’s unwanted and illegitimate campaign of murder to Irish cultural symbols and to young people was endorsed and facilitated by what I could now only call an apparently pro-IRA priest – Fr. Gary Donegan.

Not a word of dissent from Bishop Noel Treanor or Archbishop and Primate of All Ireland Eamon Martin.

Murder is now Good.

IRA murders are now subject to benediction by the Catholic church in Northern Ireland.

Young people are to be taught that IRA murders may be commemorated and glorified.

Dancing on the graves…

Some turnaround from the previous days of “followers of Satan” and “appalling mass of evil”…

The Ancient Order of Hibernians’ “Freedom for All Ireland” Award

Martin Galvin, formerly Director of one of the IRA’s fundraising arms in the United States, NORAID, has recently helped to form a unit within the Ancient Order of Hibernians in the United States called FFAI – the Freedom For All Ireland group.


In the picture, the FFAI stalwarts are holding bodhráns (hand-held drums) made by “Tyrone ex-POWs” intended as fund-raising items for the FFAI.

Anybody inform the FFAI knuckleheads that the H-Blocks are gone?

The FFAI has inaugurated an award and – you guessed it – Fr. Gary Donegan was one of the the FFAI’s first recipients.

Fr. Gary and “Freedom For All Ireland” award…

One of the other regulars on the AOH/FFAI bandwagon is that internationally famous and unbiased Northern Ireland Human Rights’ Activist Mark Thompson of “Relatives for Justice”…

Mark Thompson under an “England Get Out of Ireland” banner with former NORAID Director, Martin Galvin

[For my take on Mark Thompson, see here.]

I don’t know any self-respecting priest from Northern Ireland who would want to be associated with Martin Galvin formerly of NORAID.

Independent “fact finder” Martin Galvin takes time out to visit a memorial to IRA volunteer Liam Ryan

While on the AOH/FFAI ‘fact finding‘ mission, the unbiased seekers after truth were addressed by that closet IRA volunteer, gunman and bomber Paul O’Connor, Director of the unbiased Pat Finucane Centre…

IRA volunteer, gunman and bomber Paul O’Connor addresses the FFAI/AOH delegates

I wonder did Paul show them a slideshow of his IRA days?

Paul O’Connor – IRA Human Rights’ Activist, gunman and bomber

What kind of Truth does Fr. Gary Donegan deal in?

Does he feel no conscientious burden to highlight the IRA’s 1,700+ victims, many of them civilians, men, women and children, many tortured, executed and disappeared?

Does the word “repentance” even find a place in Donegan’s homilies to the IRA movement that arrogated to itself the right to commit mass murder?

Fr. Gary Donegan, hanging with the homies…

Of course, Fr. Gary Donegan – who is a priest of a religious order, not a diocesan priest – can only do what he does in the Diocese of Down and Connor by the grace and favour of Bishop Noel Treanor.

Fr. Gary Donegan embraced by Sinn Féin’s Declan Kearney

Bishop Noel Treanor might not have direct authority over Donegan because of the latter’s religious order status – but he does have authority over everything that happens in a church in his diocese.

It is within Bishop Noel Treanor’s gift to reign in the activities of Gary Donegan if he so wishes.

[For my take on Bishop Noel Treanor, see here.]

Fr. Gary Donegan has made news complaining about funerals for victims of suicide:

Donegan wants no glamour for suicide funerals…

This is a bit rich coming from a priest who has glamourised the IRA in church, as noted by Eilis O’Hanlon in The Belfast Telegraph:


Fr. Gary Donegan and the Murder of Robert McCartney

The sisters of IRA murder victim Robert McCartney have laid a serious complaint against Fr. Gary Donegan that he inveigled them to attend a meeting with representatives of the IRA at Holy Cross Church at a time when he was not one of the two Catholic church designated priests for such contacts.

Fr. Gary Donegan not a Church designated contact with the IRA

In the wake of Robert McCartney’s murder, the entire IRA movement was desperate to discredit or silence the McCartney family.

Family of Robert McCartney with Senator Edward Kennedy

Also, according to the family members, at the meeting with the two alleged IRA representatives, Wilson and Hughes, Gary Donegan “sat in” and told the sisters that he was “there to observe” and that they should treat him as “part of the wallpaper”.

The alleged IRA representatives had, in fact, nothing new to say to the sisters except to press them to concentrate on alleged witnesses to the murder, McKay, Devine and Gowdy and to tell the police to concentrate on these three.

The sisters came away from that meeting wondering why it had been arranged since they learned nothing new from those they believed to be the IRA representatives.

The next morning, however, they woke to the widespread news that the IRA had issued a statement claiming that it had made an offer to the McCartney family to shoot the alleged perpetrators – this the sisters claimed was a total lie.

IRA statement the morning after the Fr. Gary Donegan organised meeting with the McCartney family

The news media, however, ran with the IRA version of the story then and thereafter.

The family say they never heard from Donegan again.

Donegan not an approved IRA contact priest at the time

By 2012, the McCartney family became aware of Mairia Cahill’s complaint to the PSNI regarding Wilson’s alleged membership of the IRA.

One of the McCartney family seized the opportunity to complain to the PSNI that Hughes and Wilson had represented themselves as IRA members at the Holy Cross meeting in the presence of Donegan – didn’t the IRA’s own statement claim that those at the meeting were IRA representatives?

The family really wanted the information it believed that the IRA was withholding about Robert’s murder.

Believing that the PSNI might regard the family members together as biased, the family reported to the PSNI that an independent witness was present who could substantiate their complaint regarding Wilson and Hughes – that independent witness was Fr. Gary Donegan.

The family pressed the PSNI to call Donegan as a witness in support of their complaint.

The family claim that Fr. Gary Donegan refused to cooperate with the PSNI in relation to the matter, that he falsely claimed that the family had asked him to remain present at the meeting and that he had met the family afterwards in “a pastoral capacity” – this they claimed was also a lie since none of them was a practising Catholic and none of them had ever heard of Donegan before or since and had no need of any third party to be present.

“did not know the two males in attendance”

The family asked the PSNI to charge Donegan with withholding information.

Fr. Gary Donegan’s claim to have met the family in “a pastoral capacity” offered him the opportunity to claim that any matters discussed could be subject to a degree of privacy – not quite like the seal of the confessional – but a claim nevertheless that might allow him to say nothing.

In the event, the PSNI did nothing about Donegan’s failure to cooperate as a witness in support of the McCartney family.

Prosecutorial authorities – variously including Barra McGrory and Michael Agnew – laid out in detail to the family the nitpicking legal arguments in favour of the persons accused of IRA membership.

Legal Protections for the IRA

Only one version of this story can be true – that of the sisters of IRA murder victim Robert McCartney, or that of Fr. Gary Donegan who refused to cooperate with the PSNI against Wilson and Hughes.

You have to ask yourself – whom do you believe?

Does the Diocese of Down and Connor need the services of Fr. Gary Donegan offering Masses for IRA Active Service Units and being regularly photographed with leading IRA members?

You have to ask yourself – does it or doesn’t it?

Bobby Storey’s Funeral

According to Fr. Gary Donegan, Bobby Storey was not a practising or believing Catholic.

Why then does this IRA Army Council member need a Catholic funeral service at all?

Bobby Storey’s only church and God – the IRA

“How Darr They Arrest Arr Leader?”

For an article about a Catholic Bishop who DID confront the IRA Army Council’s members, click here.

To view Fr. Gary Donegan’s Mass for IRA Active Service Units: