When challenged about the BBC Spotlight revelations on Gerry Adams’ leadership role in the IRA and consequent responsibility for directing the IRA’s terrorist campaign of unnecessary mass murder, bombings and Human Rights’ atrocities, the BBC Talkback Tag Team of radio re-treads Brian Rowan and Allison Morris offer pitiful responses to Adams’ constant lies and possible prosecution.

Gerry Adams, Chairman of the IRA Army Council

Rowan hurriedly ignores Adams’ responsibility for mass murder and Human Rights’ atrocities and turns instead to attempting to sell his ‘pig in a poke’ notion of an amnesty alongside an organised ‘information retrieval’ body run by some dispassionate figure from outside since ‘the Stormont House Agreement will not work’.

IRA leader Gerry Adams forever linked to murder and disappearance of Jean McConville

However, while demanding an ‘Information Retrieval’ entity headed by a foreigner, Rowan cannot offer victims or society in general any guarantee that the IRA will actually cooperate with this entity.

In fact, there is no guarantee whatsoever that the IRA will tell any part of any truth but the bold Brian ploughs on with his demand for a new entity even after Doug Beattie highlighted Adams’ recent comments at the funeral of one time Chief of Staff of the IRA Kevin McKenna – that the true record of McKenna’s involvement in mass murder and Human Rights’ atrocities will never be revealed.

IRA ‘truth’ too horrific to be revealed

Rowan conveniently ignores the fact that when the IRA was offered complete immunity from prosecution and total anonymity by the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains, it immediately lied and omitted the names of persons it murdered and ‘disappeared’ from an initial list submitted to the ICLVR.

IRA list of ‘disappeared’ incomplete and untruthful

Rowan himself even wrote articles for ‘The Belfast Telegraph’ recounting the IRA lies. See here.

Rowan admits the IRA can’t stop telling lies even to the ICLVR

Adams and his IRA comrade Conor Murphy blatantly lied about the IRA murder and disappearance of, for instance, Gerard Evans – but an IRA volunteer in South Armagh had a partial conscience about the IRA’s lies and contacted ‘Sunday Tribune’ northern editor Suzanne Breen and gave information about Evan’s abduction and murder leading to the recovery of his remains. See here.

IRA man contradicts Gerry Adams and Conor Murphy lies that the IRA did not murder and disappear Gerard Evans

This is the mark of the IRA’s interest in Truth – replace Truth with lies and hope that the IRA’s atrocious record on the gravest of Human Rights’ atrocities will be buried and forgotten – like the corpse of ‘disappeared’ soldier Captain Robert Nairac and the truth of the IRA’s murder of Paul Quinn.

IRA lied about murdering Paul Quinn

This is the mark of Rowan’s sales’ pitch of a pig in a poke to victims – another useless entity headed by a ‘dispassionate’ outsider with all of the available evidence showing that the MAFIRA Army Council has no intention of telling the truth about its war crimes – but should nevertheless receive an amnesty for its troubles…

Former ‘Andersonstown News’ hack Allison Morris keens that since Gerry Adams or anyone else telling the truth might suffer judicial consequences, it is unfair to ask currently inactive murderers and bombers to pony up the truth – basically only an amnesty will serve to possibly bribe the murderers and bombers to admit anything, but even then she drones, there might only be partial truth since everyone is now telling their own truth and with a view to exculpating themselves…

Morris helpfully adds that, should victims oppose this nebulous entity and amnesty proposed by Rowan, no group should be given a veto on progress! What progress?

Wow! Poor Gerry Adams should not face the post-Belfast Agreement 2 years imprisonment surely reduced by good behaviour and parole to a matter of weeks – poor Gerry shouldn’t have to face a few weeks incarcerated – while the thousands of young men and women he led up the prison path were fit to serve thousands of years in prisons, many ‘on the blanket’ and even on hungerstrike – many others in prisons in England for nearly two decades… and for what?

Gerry Adams and Conor Murphy – two IRA liars

Boo-hoo for supporters of Gerry Adams who whine that he can’t face the prospect of a few weeks of imprisonment nowadays for his useless campaign of back-to-prorogued-Stormont and back-to-Dáil Éireann mass murder, bombing and corpse-disappearances…

Truth retrieval is a dead duck.

So many members of the IRA have passed away, so many others have long changed their lives and don’t want to be reminded of a horrific past – so many have families and wives who know little about their actual activities in the IRA back in the day and don’t want to know – and so many members of the IRA will assuredly lie and lie and lie – there is no truth to be had from MAFIRA gangsters’ self-serving leadership.

The only hope of truth is by dint of investigation and prosecution – trusting to the likes of proven liars like Gerry Adams and Conor Murphy is a fool’s game.

Michael McConville on the IRA’s ‘war crimes’

How do Rowan and Morris get away with constantly offering total tripe on the BBC about the IRA’s good intentions?

On whose behalf are they making the argument for amnesty?

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