In his long-winded 3,000 word ‘contribution’ entitled “The Unacceptable Faces of the DUP and Sinn Féin”, Northern Ireland’s favourite pompous windbag Eamonn Mallie opines for 2,500 words about the DUP (and Alliance) and then in only the final 340 words addresses ‘the unacceptable faces of Sinn Féin’ where he names only one Shinner, Martin McGuinness’ favourite IRA England bomber Martina Anderson – and his case against her is based on her repetition of “Tiocfaidh ár lá!” not twice in one sentence, but a whole THREE TIMES!

I had to ask myself – is it fair or accurate of Mallie to single out Martina Anderson as the one and only target of his promised ‘unacceptable faces of Sinn Féin’?

Eamonn Mallie singles out Martina Anderson SF/IRA

What cowardice! Why single out only the England bomber?

Why not mention the unrepentant Arch Architect of IRA Evil, Gerry “Break the Bastards” Adams – with an entire three decades of IRA Army Council 1,700 victims behind him and who helpfully stated that Violence is still an acceptable form of political activity?

Gerry who can’t quite manage to deodorize his armpits of the torture, murders and disappearances of so many abducted citizens?

Gerry Adams – the ‘acceptable face’ of the IRA movement?

Why not single out the IRA Army Council overlords of the entire IRA campaign?

A bridge too far Eamonn?

Or boastful Gerry Kelly, ‘Bik’ Bayardo Bar McFarlane and Bobby Roaring Storey – the travelling “Great Escape” trio who charge £10 at the door around Northern Ireland to tell young nationalists tales of blood and stabbings of prison officers during the Maze escape?

Only a tenner at the door!

Or Conor “I’ll tell the truth” Murphy – who calumnied IRA beating victim Paul Quinn as a criminal and who, along with Gerry Adams, was caught red handed lying to the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains about the IRA’s responsibility for the abduction, murder and disappearance of Gerard Evans – when a South Armagh IRA volunteer contacted Suzanne Breen to cause Evan’s remains to be found along with the story that the IRA did indeed “execute” him?

Conor Murphy and Gerry Adams contradicted by a nervous IRA Volunteer

Conor Murphy claimed Paul Quinn was killed by ‘criminal elements’, but an IRA volunteer contradicted this also.PaulQuinnLies

South Armagh IRA Volunteer contradicts Conor Murphy & Gerry Adams

Conor who won’t call on the IRA Army Council to return the remains of Catholic soldier Robert Nairac for burial by his family?

I can think of a cast of hundreds of Sinn Féin/IRA members as “the unacceptable faces of Sinn Féin’” but why only single out England bomber Martina Anderson?



Didn’t hollow “Human Rights’ lawyer” John “won’t criticize the IRA” Finucane have Martina into his office on his first day as Mayor of Shinner Outreach to Unionist Belfast?

John Finucane and England bomber Martina Anderson – united

Why not declare struck-dumb-when-criticizing-the-IRA Johnboy as unacceptable also?

What happened to Mary Lou McDonald’s constant “Up the Rebels” cries? Is she somehow more acceptable than Martina Anderson?

“Up the Rebels” Mary Lou McDonald – acceptable face?

Let me put into words what you will never utter, Eamonn – the entire IRA-glorifying Murder-glorifying BankRobbing-glorifying Nairac-corpse-disappearing-glorifying caboodle of Sinn Féin is morally unacceptable – which is why both an Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his opposition leader Micheal Martin have publicly declared Sinn Féin to be unfit for government in the Republic of Ireland.

No acceptable faces in the IRA movement according to Leo Varadkar


Don’t be a coward in singling out Martina Anderson – she is one of the SF/IRA Borg Collective – and she deserves the protection of The Pack – if you’re going to single out Martina, grow a pair and single out the entire Pack with her…

Your toady Brian Rowan did as much when he declared – as quoted in your article – that Sinn Féin is the wrong party to lead the debate on a New Ireland.


Why is that?

It can only be owing to its blood-covered, blood-glorifying hands – not one pair of hands, but all of them united in The Pack.

No acceptable faces in the IRA movement according to Michael Martin

The only solution to Sinn Féin’s unacceptability is for its leader to ask all members of the IRA to resign from the party “for the good of the cause” – those who so recently murdered, bombed and did gaol time for the cause – can’t they now resign “for the cause” also?

But there’s too much “peace dividend” money to be had in the ranks of the hybrid Sinn Féin/IRA movement to allow this to happen.

I’m no defender of England bomber Martina Anderson – but you were wrong to single her out of the larger gang.

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