Why should IRA murderers repent? Why for that matter should ANY murderer repent? Forget even a “religious” repentance or turning away from murders for RELIGIOUS reasons – why should any murderers change their ways for even a SECULAR repentance, such as a conversion to concepts of victims’ rights, civil rights or Human Rights?

You don’t just have to be “religious” to give up murder…

Why bother repenting murder anyway?

In recent years in Northern Ireland merely CEASING TO COMMIT MURDERS and yet keeping paramilitary secrets have been sufficient to win rewards and blessings by governments and churches and even some victims’ relatives.


Archbishop Eamon Martin with unrepentant IRA mass murderer Martin McGuinness

So, ceasing to commit murders – even while celebrating past murders and continuing to state that committing murders might once again become a legitimate option – is as good as if not entirely better or more beneficial to the murderer than “repenting” murders by which I mean treating all murders, past, present and future as entirely wrong – in other words condemning all murders and, if asked, specifically IRA murders – and offering the restitution of truth to victims.


Father of Lies Gerry Adams

In Northern Ireland a paramilitary can have been involved in 1,700 murders [and countless bombings and maimings] and simply STOP murdering to be rewarded and promoted in political life –

  • no need to tell any truths about past murders
  • no need to offer truths to victims’ relatives
  • no need to even criticise the campaign of murder or even cease to celebrate those murders and murderers
  • no need to “repent” either religious or secular…

In fact, there is no shortage of full-time religious leaders who are available to kiss the asses of mass murderers who have merely STOPPED MURDERING, and never in any sense “repented” past murders – never made any admissions concerning past murders nor ceased to celebrate past murders and those who committed them and indeed may even have been teaching young people to glamorize past political murders and murderers.


Bishop Donal McKeown with unrepentant IRA mass murderer Martin McGuinness

As victim Ann Travers put it recently on Twitter, why should past murders in Northern Ireland be treated any differently to any other ‘cold case murders’ or even to present murders – why indeed? Ann’s sister Mary was murdered by the IRA as she came out of Mass with her judge father, Tom, who was shot six times and survived.


Brian Feeney, sour former SDLP member and often embittered commentator wrote in ‘The Irish News’ that repentance, apology and sins were “religious drivel” associated with Unionist/DUP Protestants – Brian had evidently not heard a single Catholic churchperson refer to sin, repentance or apology in living memory. [See here.]

Brian Feeney Drivel

Brian Feeney – repentance and sins are “religious drivel”

Did a single Christian churchperson or commentator of any denomination contradict Brian? Not one.

Similarly, Brian Rowan has been pumping the notion that no unrepentant paramilitary murderer should ever face anything as terrible as a “parade of shame” – a nonsensical notion that I have been alone in challenging. [See here.]

Rowan No Parade of Shame

Brian Rowan – no “parade of shame” for paramilitary murderers

Do specifically Nationalist or Republican journalists or commentators represent any coherent ethical or moral code? Not one.

Suzanne Breen recently cried “shame” toward those IRA leaders and members who have maintained a wall of silence about the Kingsmill massacre of 10 innocent Protestants – why Suzanne? On what basis should they feel any shame?


Suzanne Breen suddenly cries “shame”

Suzanne argued with me last year that the South Armagh paramilitary who contacted her to contradict the IRA’s denial [a denial supported by Conor Murphy] that it had murdered and disappeared Gerard Evans – a contact that led to the discovery of Gerard Evans’ remains – had specifically NOT REPENTED.

Suzanne did not like my description of his behaviour as “repentance”.

In fact, I cannot understand Suzanne’s sudden opposition to IRA leaders or members keeping silent on past murders – that’s what they do and have always done, Suzanne.


Bobby Storey on the IRA’s Code of Silence

I discussed the story of the Pat Finucane Centre’s Closet IRA Director Paul O’Connor with Suzanne in May of last year but she was one of a number of Northern Ireland journalists who did not feel able to cover it.

Let’s face it – Northern Ireland is a place where the full-time professionals in the Repentance game – churchpersons of different denominations – have sold out on the notion of Repentance even though their Founder’s Four Gospels refer over 100 times to “repentance”.


Fr. Michael Canny praising IRA mass murderer Martin McGuinness

Only in Northern Ireland could you find a Catholic priest – Fr. Michael Canny – publicly claiming that IRA leader and mass murderer Martin McGuinness would murder all those victims over again if given the chance… WTF??

Not a single churchperson of any denomination contradicted this horrific Catholic priest.

Only in Northern Ireland could you find a Protestant clergyman standing shoulder to shoulder with this Catholic priest – utter nutter Latimer.

Once more, not a single churchperson of any denomination contradicted this sick duo.

If our supposed and hypocritical moral guardians have sold out on the requirement of repentance and restitution of truth to victims, on what basis are journalists suddenly crying “shame” – is it only since the murder of one of their own, Lyra McKee, that journalists are rediscovering a code of ethics regarding murder and silence and shame?

What code would that be?

As I’ve mentioned before, not a single Northern Ireland journalist has felt moved to pose a single question to the Pat Finucane Centre regarding its denials of Paul O’Connor’s IRA past, denials he himself contradicted within hours.

If you perceive an IRA Wall of Silence, Suzanne, then you must accept that many Northern Ireland journalists are complicit in the IRA’s omertà.

IRA Victim Mairia Cahill highlighted that it was not Paul O’Connor’s IRA past that was the primary issue, but his secrecy and hypocrisy as he [and the Pat Finucane Centre] dug up the pasts of others:


Paul O’Connor & the Pat Finucane Centre – happy to dig up others’ pasts

Northern Ireland church leaders as Repentance preachers?


The Men in Black Afraid to Preach Repentance

Journalists as Truth-seekers?

Pass me the sick bag…

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