Come home to Desertmartin, Raymond McElhennon – your Claudy Bombings are forgiven.

What’s one more IRA Army Council denial?

Raymond, when I say that all is forgiven, naturally I am referring to the two Governments, British and Irish, which have no interest in inquiring into any of the IRA’s past Human Rights atrocities.


Terrorist atrocities of yesteryear have been accorded the Special Category Status of Forgotten so that we can all move on in comfort and joy.

Ivan Cooper – too little too late…

When I say that all is forgiven, naturally I am also referring to the Christian churches which have annulled all anathemas and proscriptions against murders and bombings, against murderers and bombers, and which have erased the requirement of repentance for paramilitaries the better to remain popular with their congregations that vote for murderers and bombers and so that we can all move on in comfort and joy.

The New Era of Roman Catholic Eucharist for IRA Active Service Units

The moral hazards of the concealment and suppression of Human Rights atrocities the better to barter with unrepentant paramilitaries remain to be seen.

IRA Newspaper Admits the Claudy Bombing

Come home to Desertmartin, Raymond, you have nothing to fear except your conscience and perhaps the pleas of victims of your Claudy bombings who might still want an explanation.

Is that too difficult for you?

Some of your comrades in arms, Raymond, up to no good…


Raymond you were prepared to murder and bomb for a United Ireland; you were prepared to take the lives of others for this aim. You were prepared to risk your own life handling dangerous bombs and weaponry.

Car similar to Raymond’s, reported as involved in Claudy Bombings

Why do you now fear to tell the truth to victims of your Claudy Bombings Gone Wrong?

How hard would it be to come home and face the victims privately if they wished to meet you?

Is Truth such a fearful adversary of the IRA that you cannot face it?

The IRA Code – Lie, Lie and Lie some more

Or has the IRA’s overarching Army Council determined that you must remain in exile in order to help to bury the Claudy Bombings’ Human Rights atrocity in perpetuity?

Keystone Cops

Come home to Desertmartin, Raymond. You have nothing to fear from the PSNI – it has no stomach or direction to inquire into past IRA matters.

Who knew back in the day, Raymond, that you would still be on the run from your Claudy Bombings nearly 50 years later?

Raymond’s Other Failures to Appear in the US of A

Wouldn’t it have been better to go to prison back in the day – like Malachy O’Kane – and to perhaps have been elected to Westminster or Stormont for Sinn Féin?

Blatant Political Policing leading to No Policing

Come back and tell us all the Truth of the Claudy Bombings atrocity that Sinn Féin and the IRA Army Council would have us forget.

Some of the Claudy Bombers in Magilligan Prison


Time to come home to Desertmartin, Raymond…




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