According to Brian Rowan, (promoted by Eamon Mallie), the citizens of Northern Ireland should be so deeply grateful that paramilitaries have stopped murdering and bombing, abducting, torturing and disappearing people (whose Civil and Human Rights they decided to deny) that they should be willing to be governed by them without any repentance or change of heart or admission of wrongs done on the part of those same paramilitaries.

In fact, those paramilitaries who have together committed mass murder and atrocious Human Rights’ atrocities should be so respected for making the transition from Murder Inc to Sinn Féin Inc, that they should enjoy secret deals of immunity from prosecution and thumb their noses directly at victims in perpetuity.

What’s more, the paramilitary leaders should not merely be paid vast sums of money for escaping prosecution for a multitude of crimes and practising abstention, they should be facilitated in touring Northern Ireland touting their murder/gun/bomb wares to young people in Great Escape Circuses and charging young people £10 at the door to hear their glorification of violence and murder directly in view of victims of those crimes.

For Rowan, there is no morality, there is no sin, there is no repentance, there is no moral hazard for society, there is no justice for victims – there is only obeisance before the mighty Paramilitaries who have transformed their Armalites into Money Boxes and deigned to participate – by abstention – in democratic institutions with the stated aim of their overarching Army Council strategists of Smashing Stormont/Northern Ireland and rendering a United Ireland by whatever means are deemed strategically necessary.

There is no sin, there is no crime, there is no justice, there is no heartfelt apology, there is no respect even for the name of Northern Ireland – just murderers in expensive suits touting a weaponised language none of them can learn or speak and an everlasting series of memorials and celebrations of murders with fists raised by women shouting “Tiocfaidh ár lá!” in barely-concealed salutes to the IRA alongside the denial to the rest of us that these salutes mean any such thing… Lies are good, Brian!

Up the Provos!

Brian would have us be grateful to enjoy Mafia Inc at the heart of government in Northern Ireland while Spain denied ETA any such privileges, while the Republic of Ireland holds that paramilitaries are not fit for government there, while the American government would have executed all bombers and murderers by lethal injection – Brian would have us all lathered in lies and governed by post-ceasefire gun-running, diesel-laundering, Paul Quinn-beating, Robert McCartney-stabbing, Human Rights’ atrocities-denying paramilitaries who have one single aim in life – the destruction of Northern Ireland by any means necessary, to “break the Protestant bastards” as the Great Father of Lies intoned.

Ah sure a wee cup of coffee with the Army Council will solve all our problems!

Brian, you’re flogging a dead horse, in fact, you’re flogging the denied corpse of Captain Robert Nairac on behalf of his murdering, lying body-snatchers and I don’t buy it.

Elected, accountable, visible, democratic?

A rape victim should be grateful that her rapist stops raping her in exchange for immunity from prosecution?
A child should be grateful to the paedophile abuser for stopping the abuse in exchange for immunity from prosecution?
A community should be grateful to paramilitary murderers and bombers for stopping the armed struggle in exchange for immunity from prosecution and vast sums of cash while innocent victims get NOTHING?