Sinn Féin is the party of the unfinished. The once sacred Armed Struggle was unfinished at least in its decades-old promise of uniting Ireland by force and of achieving a British Withdrawal.

Sinn Féin’s belated recognition of the obvious realities of Dáil Éireann and Stormont remains unfinished by its failure to recognise the reality of the Westminster parliament by full participation.

The ‘peace process’ remains unfinished by Sinn Féin’s collapsing of Stormont and constant celebration of murders and bombings allied to repeated sectarian offense offered to Protestant Unionists, not forgetting its belated conversion to the ‘cúpla focal’ act which it avoided like the plague for ten years in government in Stormont.

But above all, and by its own certain choice, the epitaphs of its leaders must remain unfinished and unwritten because their lives and activities remain shrouded in lies and secrecy, if not in horrors too awful to be described.

Just one more victim of IRA Torture practices finally shot in the head

What is the point in asking Denis Bradley or Bertie ‘brown envelopes’ Ahearn to write Martin McGuinness’ epitaph when the fullness of Martin’s participation in murder and torture and in numerous atrocities is purposely hidden?

What could Bradley or Ahearn write of the inner horrors of the IRA’s war on alleged informers and abducted and tortured civilians? Even the truth of the nearby atrocity of the Claudy bombings just a few miles from McGuinness’ home had to be avoided at all costs by McGuinness and the IRA in the addictive pursuit of political power.

Martin and Gerry Seeking Asylum from Thousands of Lies in South Africa

Gerry ‘break the bastards’ Adams is mired in lies. He cannot tell the truth about virtually anything because to do so would either land him in prison or else sully the false profile he and his sycophants have built up for him from Cuba to South Africa, from Libya to Colombia and especially from Boston to New York.

Gerry Adams with his colleague and friend Alfredo Scappaticci, admitted head of the IRA’s ‘Nutting and Torture’ Squad

How could Gerry Adams suddenly admit to a long series of murders and anti-civilian bombings and civilian murders, tortures and disappearances? Really? He would throw away the New York honours – not worth the paper they are written on – for a cell in Maghaberry Prison after which he would live on as a war criminal reviled by all civilised people?

Not likely lads. So, by the certain will of Sinn Féin and the IRA Army Council, the epitaphs of its ‘great men’ cannot and will not be written possibly for ever, since they contain horrors to awful to be admitted.

Adams may have implied to David Blevins on a recent cringeworthy Sky presidential-style television interview that he would tell the truth about his past in the right circumstances but these circumstances will not prevail this side of the Gates of Hell you may be sure.

David Blevins sits at a safe distance from Gerry the Father of Lies

The IRA’s Army Council and associated leadership echelons – now fully absorbed into the Sinn Féin cash cow – live in constant fear of the truth being told and in this sense Gerry Adams and his sycophants are already permanently imprisoned by walls of lies.

Truth would be about as welcome as a rocket-propelled grenade to the new hybrid Sinn Féin party and must forever remain its unfinished project.

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IRA Torture Practices Never to be Investigated by the ‘Pat Finucane Centre’