The IRA, the Catholic Church & Big Lies

Northern nationalism has entered a moral ice-age largely ushered in by Gerry Adams’ strategy. Lies – Very Big Lies – are the order of the day and all who wish to be northern nationalists must lie and be complicit in lies, even the Catholic church. The Biggest Lie of All is Gerry’s lie that he was never a member of the IRA – FFS Gerry, … Continue reading The IRA, the Catholic Church & Big Lies

The Hooded Men – Victims or Human Rights Offenders?

Many people have already rejected any religious basis to deciding how we live together in society, so perhaps the only basis left that might be shared is ‘the golden rule’ – treat others as you would have them treat you. People in Western democracies have recently begun to boast of a ‘human rights approach’ to ethical matters in society – the ‘human rights approach’ has … Continue reading The Hooded Men – Victims or Human Rights Offenders?

Máirtín O’Muilleoir & The Shadow of a Gunman

I was released from Maghaberry prison in September of ’89 and within days began my four-year English degree in Trinity College, Dublin. There were rounds of television and radio interviews reporting my surprising message (which I first published in February 1978) that the IRA should call off its armed struggle and enter democratic politics. As my message travelled across the Irish sea and the Atlantic, … Continue reading Máirtín O’Muilleoir & The Shadow of a Gunman

Epitaphs of IRA Leaders

Sinn Féin is the party of the unfinished. The once sacred Armed Struggle was unfinished at least in its decades-old promise of uniting Ireland by force and of achieving a British Withdrawal. Sinn Féin’s belated recognition of the obvious realities of Dáil Éireann and Stormont remains unfinished by its failure to recognise the reality of the Westminster parliament by full participation. The ‘peace process’ remains … Continue reading Epitaphs of IRA Leaders

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The IRA’s Use of Torture

It is a strange quirk of history that the IRA’s early practice of extreme torture on its abducted and soon-to-be murdered prisoners occurred just as its political wing and proxies were protesting about the treatment of the very first internees back in 1971 who were later termed ‘the hooded men’. The IRA quickly developed its own hooded men and women who were not merely to … Continue reading The IRA’s Use of Torture

The IRA and Cricket

With the former IRA organisation having come out some years ago as the new hybrid Sinn Féin party, it was necessary to schmooze the Democratic Unionist Party in Stormont (during the false spring of the McGuinness/Paisley chuckling days) toward a united Ireland. Suddenly, self-confessed IRA activists had to find some means of attempting to ingratiate themselves with the former Orange enemy and of all things … Continue reading The IRA and Cricket

Sinn Féin for Dummies

Modern Sinn Féin is an extreme political and sectarian cult movement dedicated to the achievement of a British withdrawal from Northern Ireland, [a state or province it will only ever refer to as ‘the North’ or ‘the north of Ireland’ or ‘a putrid little statelet’]. It is composed of current and former members of the paramilitary Irish Republican Army and of others who may not … Continue reading Sinn Féin for Dummies

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The IRA’s Legacy of Lies

Gerry Adams’ Cult mantra of late has been: “the IRA has left the scene”. Not so, Gerry – virtually all IRA members and prominent leaders have been absorbed into Sinn Féin and there they remain under the new disguise of democratic politics without a shred of remorse, repentance, truth or integrity. Look around you, Gerry, at the many self-confessed IRA shooters and bombers known to … Continue reading The IRA’s Legacy of Lies

Captain Robert Nairac & the IRA

The news that the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains has received no information whatsoever regarding the whereabouts of Captain Robert Nairac’s body is deeply shameful and dishonourable to the IRA in its original guise and to the IRA now, entirely subsumed into the Sinn Fein party. Between 1977 and 1980 I had occasion to regularly meet the then Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, … Continue reading Captain Robert Nairac & the IRA

IRA War Crimes – Deliberate Murders of Civilians

Since its foundation in 1970, the Provisional IRA’s ‘Army Council’ has authorised five types of War Crimes (in the case of an armed conflict not of an international character, serious violations of Article 3 common to the Four Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949). Previously, in Part 1, I examined the IRA’s use of child soldiers. Here I examine the IRA’s policy of deliberately murdering … Continue reading IRA War Crimes – Deliberate Murders of Civilians